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“Whoa, have you inherited real estate? Are you in foreclosure? Do you owe more on your house than it is worth? Cash paid for homes in any condition by Esquire Properties. This is a flipping house/ property renovation business right here in Troy!

“Even though her Facebook page is on the new side, Kathryn Dell has been running this business of hers for a while now and if you take a look at some of her pictures, you can see that she’s great at it! I saw this video and it inspired me to reach out and share what she can do. This is a passion of hers and if you or someone you know might be interested, go check it out and share!


-Samantha Dalton

“I have personally seen the results of the hard work Kathryn Dell has completed in regards to rehabs on homes. I had the pleasure of viewing 2 of her completed projects. Seeing the condition these houses were in, it is really breathtaking what she had envisioned and how amazing it translated when the work was completed. I personally couldn’t even picture how these houses would turn out due to their unfavorable condition. Both of the homes I viewed came out stunning. All the obvious updates were completed with expertise but even fine details were considered in the rehab. The homes became completely modernized, but also a safe and habitable environment. Not only did they come across as comfortable living spaces, but anyone could feel at home. The color schemes were beautiful and modern as well. Everything was set in a way that a homeowner could really decorate the home as much or little as preferred. I enjoyed the more neutral colors used in the homes because it allows for so much creativity on the homeowner’s part. Both homes also featured new appliances and other updated features.

“As I have seen first hand, the professionalism, expertise, and years of service brought by Kathryn, it is safe to say that anyone involved in transactions with her will not be disappointed in the work she provides.”

-Shelby Hansen

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn Dell on multiple occasions. The first time I met her was at a real estate conference in Las Vegas presenting a deal to other real estate investors. She has always been a forward thinker and innovator. I acted as her real estate agent, on a couple of her home renovation projects. She takes such pride in the work that she does, so much so that on one of our listings we had, she sold it in 2 weeks and over asking price! This was because of how well and how deliberate she is when it comes to the details of restoring an old house into a welcoming home!

“Kathryn does not take shortcuts and continues to provide great work to the capital region in the form of an avid Real Estate Investor. She has been a great asset to the local community by improving neighborhoods one home at a time. I will happily continue working with her in the future in many capacities because of how well she conducts business! Kathryn Dell is a genuinely great person to work with it, no if ands or buts about it!”

-Ted Kleniewski

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